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10 Cryptocurrency Slangs That All Traders Should Know


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The world of crypto is like a complicated science undertaking – it is filled with alien phrases and a horde of people that don’t know what they imply. Due to this fact, in case you draw a clean at statements like ‘HODL by a interval of FUD’, then worry not, as you’re positively not alone in your bewilderment.

Nevertheless, realizing what these phrases imply can be important. It’s going to guarantee you can also make higher sense of what you learn or hear in regards to the crypto business. So, tag alongside as we rapidly run by (and clarify) the highest 10 cryptocurrency slangs making the rounds nowadays.

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FOMO, or Worry Of Lacking Out, is one that you simply’ve in all probability heard of, particularly in case you’re a millennial. Within the crypto context, FOMO happens when an investor is unable to purchase cryptocurrency at decrease charges or is unable to promote at profitable charges. It stems from the lack to have a powerful place out there that’s benefitting others.


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HODL turned a well-liked slang within the crypto universe after a person erroneously tweeted that he was “HODLing” his Bitcoins by a worth correction in 2013, which most crypto lovers misinterpreted for – “Holding On For Expensive Life.” Since then, HODL has all the time been used to discuss with conditions during which traders maintain their cryptocurrency by market turmoil.

3. FUD

FUD stands for Worry, Uncertainty, and Doubt and is a generally used slang within the crypto group. FUD is used to convey an intentional unfold of negativity a few sure cryptocurrency to set off bulk-selling or halt additional shopping for. A FUD normally results in a consolidation of the cryptocurrency at a cheaper price, inflicting a loss to “HODLers” in that interval.

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4. Whale

Crypto whales are people or entities that maintain an enormous quantity of any specific cryptocurrency, which is sufficient to affect market costs. Within the case of Bitcoin, 1000 BTC is the generally used threshold to determine a whale. Whales are infamous for transacting in volumes so giant that the costs both rise or fall sharply, thus additionally leading to market manipulation.

5. Pump and Dump

It is a generally used technique in fairness buying and selling in addition to crypto buying and selling. When a rich investor buys a big quantity of cryptocurrency, the worth of the identical skyrockets and permits the investor to exit the deal at a better worth. This excessive quantity of promoting then causes the costs to crash, thus disrupting your entire market. Traders who fail to determine ‘pump and dump’ methods usually endure as the costs nosedive earlier than they determine to promote their property.

6. Mooning

This slang is used when the worth of any cryptocurrency has peaked or is considered peaking. One other utilization for the slang is when the cryptocurrency positive factors 100% in a really brief interval. The slang turned fashionable when Bitcoin costs rode the charts in 2017 to the touch $20K, however it’s now used for all cryptocurrencies.

7. Shill

“Shilling” of crypto includes the manipulation of its worth by illegitimate promoting such that its worth rises by the roof. Traders can simply spot shilling because the advertiser is normally an individual with no crypto background in any way, and (s)he abruptly begins to advertise a particular cryptocurrency. Shilling might also be completed by faux web sites and social media accounts.

8. Price

“Sats” discuss with the smallest unit of Bitcoin – a Satoshi. One Sat, or Satoshi, is the same as 0.00000001 BTC and is known as after Bitcoin’s aliased creator Satoshi Nakamoto. Crypto lovers who want to make their Bitcoin place stronger additionally discuss with their Satoshi accumulation technique as “Stacking of Sats.” Since 1 BTC may be very costly, most individuals commerce in fractional volumes or Sats.

9. Bag holder

A “bag holder” is someone who buys crypto at an inflated worth and continues to carry on to it regardless of its weak efficiency on the charts. These are normally long-term traders or traders who’re unaware of the efficiency deficit and wait till they’ll promote at a greater worth. Since they’re usually the final holders of a failing cryptocurrency, they’ve been christened as “bag holders.”

10. Cryptosis / OCD

When an investor obsesses over crypto worth actions a lot that (s)he does it on a regular basis, it’s known as Obsessive Cryptocurrency Dysfunction (OCD). Such an individual additionally needs to soak up all the knowledge the market has for him to make knowledgeable funding choices.

When in search of info on-line, novice traders and even seasoned veterans within the crypto markets might discover it arduous to grasp the content material with out realizing these city slangs.

(Edited by : Priyanka Deshpande)

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