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Ant-Man’s Greatest Supporting Characters In The Films, Ranked By Significance


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Ant-Man introduced one thing totally different to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He was a former prison launched from jail who ended up changing into a superhero after a botched theft. Nonetheless, he was not an actual unhealthy man, however a sufferer of circumstance. That’s the reason he wanted a powerful system of supporting characters surrounding him to assist him turn out to be a real hero.

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The supporting gamers from the Ant-Man motion pictures had totally different roles in his improvement as a hero. There have been former heroes who had been there to assist push him to be the most effective. There have been mates and allies who had been there to maintain him on the trail to greatness, and his most essential ally was one other hero who grew right into a hero herself alongside the best way.

10 Janet van Dyne

Janet van Dyne on the cover of the Ant-Man poster.

Out of all of the supporting characters in Ant-Man’s life, the one in all least significance is Janet van Dyne, the unique Wasp. She was solely talked about within the first film and was extra essential to Hank Pym and Hope van Dyne than Scott in his hero’s journey.

Jan was Hope’s mom and was misplaced to the Quantum Realm. She gained significance within the second film as a result of virtually every thing Ant-Man and Wasp did was to attempt to rescue her. Nonetheless, her position performed out within the background, and whereas saving her led the story, her character was of the least significance.

9 Jimmy Woo

Jimmy Woo talking to Scott Lang in Ant-Man.

Jimmy Woo solely appeared in Ant-Man and the Wasp. It additionally appears that his position led to that film as properly and Jimmy has since moved on to WandaVision, along with his future cloudy proper now. Within the Ant-Man motion pictures, he was the federal government agent tasked with maintaining a tally of Scott, who was underneath home arrest for his actions in Captain America: Civil Struggle.

This made him essential in the truth that he was a minor antagonist to Ant-Man, somebody that Scott needed to keep away from to maintain from getting in much more hassle for his superhero actions, holding him under most of Scott’s allies.


8 Dave

Dave playing with cards in Ant-Man.

Scott Lang had three shut mates when he obtained out of jail. These had been all petty criminals with totally different ability units, all decided to get out of their lives of crime. The lesser of those when it comes to significance to Ant-Man’s life was Dave. He’s additionally the one least prone to ever present up once more.

Dave was the getaway driver for Scott on his heists. He was within the first film’s heist and performed a smaller half within the second film. Actor T.I. will not be again for the third film, so he is not fairly as important as another Ant-Man allies.

7 Kurt

Kurt talking on the phone in Ant-Man.

Kurt was the second of Scott’s three mates after he obtained out of jail, and he ranks extra essential than Dave for a few causes. The principle one is that, whereas Dave was the getaway driver, Kurt was the hacker, and his abilities performed a big position within the unique film’s heist.

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He additionally was again within the second film, serving to to run the operations for his or her safety agency, which as soon as once more made him extra essential in that facet of their lives than Dave. There is no such thing as a phrase on if Kurt will return for the third film.

6 Maggie

Maggie and Jim hugging Scott Lang in Ant-Man.

Maggie is Scott Lang’s ex-wife and the mom of his daughter. This made her essential from the beginning, since Scott needed greater than something to be part of his daughter’s life when he obtained out of jail. After he proved himself as Ant-Man within the first film, Maggie gained much more significance.

Whereas she took a lesser position within the second film, Maggie was somebody who stood up for Scott at each flip in Ant-Man and the Wasp. An ally for Ant-Man, she stays one in all Scott’s closest mates.

5 Jim Paxton

Jim in Cassie's bedroom thanking Ant-Man.

Whereas Maggie is Scott Lang’s ex-wife, and that makes her essential in his life as each a father and a superhero, it’s Maggie’s husband who performed a extra important half within the motion pictures. This was very true within the first movie, the place Jim and Scott had a conflicted relationship.

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Jim was a police officer who felt Scott was a screwup, and he was there to attempt to cease Ant-Man when he tried to tug the theft to get the Pym Particles again. Nonetheless, by the tip, Ant-Man proved himself and gained a loyal pal in Jim, who stood up for him within the second film when the federal government saved cracking down on him.

4 Cassie Lang

Cassie hugging Scott Lang in Ant-Man.

There may be one particular person on the planet that Ant-Man does every thing for, his daughter. Within the comics, Cassie Lang turned a superhero in her personal proper, and it’d occur within the motion pictures since she has aged because of the Blip.

Within the Ant-Man motion pictures, Scott turned a hero as a result of he needed to be a greater man for his youngster. Within the second film, Scott and Cassie grew nearer and he continued to struggle for her future. Now that Cassie is older, and can return for Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, it’s going to be fascinating to see how their relationship evolves.

3 Luis

Luis showing excitement about their plans in Ant-Man.

An important of all Ant-Man’s mates is Luis. It was Luis that Scott Lang reached out to when he obtained out of jail, and it was Luis who took Scott in. He was additionally a part of the heist when Scott stole the Ant-Man swimsuit. From that time on, Luis was massively essential in Ant-Man’s rise to heroism.

Luis was much more essential as time went on. He was not solely a part of the primary heist within the first film, however he was an inside man and was on the entrance strains. He was additionally a part of the second film’s motion and was even rumored to be who connected Falcon and Ant-Man.

2 Hank Pym

Hank Pym working in his lab in Ant-Man.

Hank Pym was the unique Ant-Man. That makes him essential all in itself. It was Hank who helped defend the nation whereas working with S.H.I.E.L.D., and he was the spark then put Scott Lang within the Ant-Man costume as a brand new hero.

Hank is the one who gave Scott his gear and helped practice him to turn out to be a superhero within the first film. Hank was additionally on the run from the federal government within the second film, and it was Hank who created the machine that helped entry the Quantum Realm, which made him extra essential to Ant-Man than anybody within the motion pictures outdoors of 1 particular person.

1 Hope van Dyne / Wasp

Hope standing in her Wasp costume in Ant-Man.

An important supporting character within the Ant-Man motion pictures was so important to the story that she ended up added to the title as a lead character within the second film. This was Hope van Dyne. Within the first film, she needed nothing greater than to be the hero, however was caught coaching Scott.

Alongside the best way, she turned a love curiosity to Scott Lang, after which within the second film, she took her mom’s outdated position as The Wasp. Now, Wasp is on equal floor to Ant-Man, and that makes her crucial supporting character to Ant-Man via his whole MCU profession.

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