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Plus, Ash The Fish Professional shares a quite detailed overview of “Sharknado three,” and a vote on whether “Bruce The Ride Attendant” should be resurrected for “Sharknado four.” Conspiracy Theorist Greg Carlwood, host of “The Higherside Chats” podcast is sharing some fairly intriguing suggestions about 9/11, secret societies, the sinking of the Titanic, aliens & UFOs, and who genuinely controls the banking market, and JFK assassination facts. He’s also sharing theories on who filmed the moonlanding, and why prohibition existed in the US in the 20s. That’s proper, the Prime Time Players, Darren Young & Titus O’Neil, are in the TIJ residence!

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He explains how he met Jim Cornette and came to be the monetary backer of Smokey Mountain Wrestling, why Ric Flair is his preferred wrestler, how he ended up working for Bill Apter, and why he still watches a solid eight hours of wrestling per week to this day. He shares some remarkable stories about filming the Hulu docu-series “McCartney 3, 2, 1” with Sir Paul, functioning in the studio with everyone from AC/DC to the Red Hot Chili Peppers to Black Sabbath, and Program of a Down. He remembers the making of “Wildflowers” with Tom Petty, Johnny Cash’s reaction to Rick’s album proposal, and walking to Electric Lady Studios in New York as a college student to create The Cult’s “Electric” album.

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So Y2J & Hardwick let their nerd flags fly – and talked about all the things from Dungeons & Dragons to Star Wars to comics. They traded William Shatner stories and impersonations they shared thoughts and predictions about the new season of “Walking Dead” and talked podcasting 101, as in how in the heck did Chris Hardwick get Tom Hanks, Morgan Freeman, and Arnold Schwarzenegger to guest on The Nerdist!? The present NXT Women’s Champion, Sasha Banks, sits down with Y2J to talk about her current title, her WWE debut, her break into wrestling, becoming “The Boss,” her “shared” Wrestlemania moment with Triple H, her cousin Snoop Dogg, and what she learned from Dusty Rhodes. The MMA 4 Horsewomen – Marina Shafir, Shayna Baszler, and Jessamyn Duke – are enormous wrestling fans & are frequently spotted at the PWG shows in LA. They talk about their enjoy of wrestling, placing women’s MMA on the map, meeting on The Ultimate Fighter, their missing fourth Ronda Rousey & what she’s done for MMA in basic, and some of their personal best fights.

He remembers the first time Tiger Mask came to Britain and what he learned and took back with him to Japan. Regal talks about his very first vacation camps, his initially trip overseas, and he even provides a lesson in British slang! He breaks down the British spots that continue to influence guys to this day like the Dick Beyer, the Tony Charles and the International spot, and he shares some stories from his WWE days about Bryan Danielson and Jon Moxley. The Colons aka Los Matadores aka Primo & Epico are WWE Tag Team Champs who got their get started in Puerto Rico operating for Primo’s (genuine-name Eddie) dad, the fantastic Carlos Colon! Hear about their WWE tryout, their first match, and what Freddie Prinze Jr. had to do with their original gimmick.

And for many years (the late 90s & early 2000s), Y2J’s career was tightly intertwined with Benoit’s. So Y2J & Meltzer breakdown and analyze some of Benoit’s matches, and a lot of of the matches Y2J worked with him. It’s a controversial discussion that is not meant to glorify Benoit or erase the despicable acts that defined the final days of his life. “The Decline of Western Civilization” produced Lizzy Borden well-known, but not a household name!

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Corey remembers Eddie Van Halen, seeing Janet Jackson prior to lockdown started, and the best & worst revenue he ever spent. He speaks to the rumors about him joining Anthrax and fronting Velvet Revolver back in the day, and shares some information on the horror movie he wrote and is about to begin production on. Malakai Black came to AEW with objective, attacking Arn Anderson and beginning some thing with Cody!

Hear the information of his eating plan, nutrition & exercise plans, and what (or possibly “who”) really motivated him to drop weight. Eli Roth returns to support you get your scare on as he, his brother Gabe, film editor Mark Goldblatt and Y2J talk slasher films! And that means you will get lots of slasher film history and trivia from Eli – starting with the 1st movies created in Italy to the death of the slasher film in the early 80s to the slasher resurgence in the late 90s. They present up favourite flicks, favored death scenes, and their favorite A-list celebs who got their begins in the genre! They are also talking the original “Halloween,” “Friday The 13th,” and “Psycho,” and discussing directors like Dario Argento, Wes Craven, and Brian De Palma.

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Nick Swardson brings the comic relief to TIJ with stories from “Reno 911,” “Grandma’s Boy,” and “Bucky Larson!” He’s a single of Adam Sandler’s crew & has been functioning with Adam & Happy Madison for years (and he’s not shy about sharing what Sandler’s definitely like). Nick also recounts his stand-up days in Minneapolis, the culture shock of New York, his worry of elevators and monkeys, “The Do Over,” and the most recent project he & Adam lately pitched to Netflix. Broken Matt Hardy makes his podcast debut on TIJ, and he’s talking in wonderful detail about “The Final Deletion,” his brother Jeff, and what all of this indicates for his future at TNA Effect Wrestling.

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She loves working with Bayley, says Nia Jax is her very best pal, and remembers her 1st-ever match which occurred to be with Sasha Banks. An Irishman, a Swiss, and a Canadian walk into a hotel room in Japan and… Y2J sat down with WWE Tag Group World Champs Sheamus & Cesaro, and they talked about all the things from the Most effective Of 7 program that got Sheamus and Cesaro initial operating with each other to their tag team chemistry to the tear-away suits and the kilts at Wrestlemania! They also share stories about their respective homelands, weird meals encounters on the road, yodeling, and hanging out with Bono.

And then there’s some thing about raw horse meat, Shelton Benjamin, and the NJPW locker space. Canadian Wrestling’s Elite has been performing 30+ reside shows in the span of 30 days across Canada for really a handful of years now! “Hotshot” Danny Duggan who founded the organization talks about his special company model, how he’s been able to create a Canadian National wrestling tour, and how he manages to land fantastic talent year right after year like Jake The Snake Roberts, Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake, “Mr.

He has stories about traveling with William Regal, pinning Vince McMahon, acting as GM of RAW, and his Wrestlemania moment in Los Angeles. He explains what inspired the Eugene character, how he pitched it to Vince, and why Eugene’s run ended. Nick also recalls his early wrestling days at OVW with Danny Davis and Jim Cornette, and what it was like becoming there when John Cena, Bautista, Randy Orton and Brock Lesnar 1st got started. Plus, Nick was a coach at the Functionality Center for a handful of years, and now runs his own Mid-West All Pro Wrestling college and promotion in Sioux Fall, South Dakota. Jeremy Padawer, longtime wrestling fan and partner in Jazwares, is the man behind the toy organization producing the AEW action figure line! Jeremy explains how the partnership came together, what we can expect from AEW Unrivaled Series four, 5, and future lines, and why he’s undertaking a second printing of Series 1.

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He’s talking about the guys he roomed with, traveled with, skated with, and scored against on the ice, which includes Gordie Howe, Bobby Orr, Bobby Hull, and Gerry Cheevers. He’s got tales from his time with the Los Angeles Kings and New York Rangers, and remembers a 17-year old Wayne Gretzky who flew to Winnipeg to play in a charity game ahead of he was even in the NHL. ten years, 700 games, and a seriously superior cause why Teddy will in no way, ever touch the Stanley Cup himself. Matt Cardona and Brian Myers hated each other when they 1st met, but all that changed thanks to a single point – action figures! And that one particular factor produced them immediate mates, longtime tag partners, and co-hosts of the “The Important Figure Wrestling Podcast!

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Ric Flair has lots of stories about his early days in wrestling functioning for Jim Barnett, carrying out matches in Japan, surviving complete-blown fan riots, traveling to North Korea with Muhammad Ali, and living with Roddy Piper in Charlotte. He’s also speaking about his infamous robes, Roman Reigns, and traveling with his daughter, WWE’s Charlotte. Devin Townsend may possibly or might not have possibly gotten Jason Newsted fired from Metallica back in the day. He may perhaps or might not have put Jay Leno’s workplace phone up his ass backstage at “The Tonight Show!

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He specifics his introduction to the guys in Metallica, his involvement in the “Kill ‘Em All” album from recording to marketing and promotion to tour support, and how the wish to support James Hetfield and crew gave birth to Megaforce. Jonny remembers meeting Anthrax, the generating of their initial album, and their unexpected rise in the scene. He speaks to losing his bands to main labels, what occurred when Megaforce partnered with Atlantic Records distribution, and what he thinks of the metal music scene these days. He also shares memories about his unique friendship with late Metallica bassist Cliff Burton, and remembers his wife and Megaforce partner, Marsha Zazula, who passed away in January.

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Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows cohost an all new TalkNShop Live In Shanghai presented by Talk Is Jericho. And in addition to Jericho and all the regulars , they also managed to rope Braun Strowman into the shenanigans! They try to speak about 1st matches, Braun’s strongman background, tattoos, and beneficial geo-targeting apps. They succeed in figuring out who does the very best Chewbacca noise, and whether or not or not Braun can really do an HBK kip-up and exactly how a great deal that may be worth. Ghosthunters Amy Bruni and Adam Berry from the TLC show, “Kindred Spirits,” traveled the States to aid families becoming terrorized by paranormal activity… and they’re sharing some of their creepiest investigation stories, haunted experiences, and other-worldly interactions!

Plus, his preferred match, and the talent he’s most searching forward to operating with at AEW. James Michael Guffey’s passion for pro wrestling was undeniable, and in one of the last long-type interviews he did ahead of his untimely passing on December 12th at the age of 39, that really like for the business is palpable. Jimmy spoke at length about his battle with MRSA, his struggles with addiction, adjusting to life as a triple amputee, his perform as a mental overall health advocate and peer support drug counselor, and maintaining a optimistic attitude by means of life’s adversities. Jimmy Rave is survived by his daughter Kailah, son James II, parents Jim and Toni Guffey, and fiancee Gabby Gilbert.

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And he’s got great stories about his close friends like Arnold Schwarzenegger, George Clooney, and actor Chris Tucker (who saved Todd’s life in NYC on 9/11), making movies and the Oscars, checking points off his bucket list, and how he’s pioneering digital fundraising. David McLane, the creator of the original GLOW Television show in the 80s, has a new all-female wrestling show on AXS Tv! It’s called WOW , and David, and WOW star Abilene Maverick, share the story of what it took to make WOW occur.

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They are also telling stories about functioning for Carlos Colon in Puerto Rico, and all the jobs they had to do on their way to a profession in the pro-wrestling ring! Dean Malenko is a single of Y2J’s oldest and closest mates in the wrestling small business, and he returns to TIJ to talk about his early days in the biz, and his well-known father, a single of the most-feared heels of the 70s, Boris Malenko! Dean’s talking Florida Championship Wrestling, Dusty Rhodes, Davey Boy Smith, New Japan Pro Wrestling, All Japan, tagging with his brother Joe, generating the jump to WWE, and Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero. Plus, Sisi & Chey return to TIJ to share the particulars on their brand new youtube channel, “Sisi & Chey Vlogs & Videos.” Annie Lobert is a former higher-class contact girl who worked the Las Vegas strip for lots of years, before lastly leaving the life and beginning Hookers For Jesus, an organization to enable other females living a life of prostitution get off the street. She shares her extraordinary story and how she finally got to a place of happiness with her husband, guitarist Oz Fox of Stryper fame.

He reveals why he was released from WWE earlier this year, what his connection with Vince McMahon and Triple H was really like, why he announced his retirement from pro wrestling last Juen, and what eventually brought him back. He speaks to his Lio Rush name and gimmick, his wonderful run with Bobby Lashley at WWE, and becoming inspired by the good Rey Mysterio. Plus, Lio talks about employing his downtime from WWE to record and release his initial hip-hop album, “Ever Following,” and his aspirations to make far more music and carry out for fans. Megaforce Records founder Jonny Zazula started a heavy metal movement in the ‘80s, and shares the story of his famed label that launched the careers of Metallica, Anthrax, and even Fozzy! Jonny explains how his tiny “Rock’n Roll Heaven” record retailer in a New Jersey flea market morphed into reside shows, band management, and a label.

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Brian Pillman Jr. may have lost his dad when he was four-years old, but he nonetheless has a few vivid memories, and a lot of his dad’s personality! Brian recounts his decision to pursue a wrestling profession, and the guidance he got from his dad’s superior friend and former tag team companion, Stone Cold Steve Austin. Brian talks about instruction with Lance Storm in Calgary, his favourite matches, and why obtaining his college degree was so crucial to him. He also discusses the current knee injury that kept him sidelined for a couple of months, how he enhanced his technical expertise, what he loves about Japanese wrestling, and how he plans to reach his ultimate wrestling objective, the WWE. Singer Mark Tornillo and guitarist Wolf Hoffman speak to the band’s reformation and resurgence, including how Mark came to join the lineup 9 years ago, what that first gig with him was like, and why they’re recording and about to tour with a symphony orchestra!

  • Hear this thoughts on Warrior’s passing, touring AND drinking with Ozzy, the problems he & Y2J got into on the Ozzfest Tour, and some of his favorite memories of fallen axeman Dimebag Darrell.
  • The Murderhawk Monster, Lance Archer, says there’s a reason for his name, and a approach to taking care of those blood red braids!
  • Martha Hart opens up about her really like affair and life with late husband, Owen Hart.
  • Initial he was hand-picked to be element of the Inner Circle, and now he’s been hand-picked to seem on TIJ!
  • He also sheds some insight on a couple of other large music conspiracies involving Buddy Holly’s plane crash, and Pink Floyd’s tie to the “Wizard Of Oz.”

Nathaniel Bar-Jonah is the Cookbook Killer, and his crimes are truly as gruesome as his name implies. Nathaniel was sooner or later convicted of kidnapping, torturing, murdering, and allegedly Eating his victims, all of whom had been children! When authorities lastly caught up to him, they discovered a recipe book for dishes created with human flesh, human bones, and a list of 100 children’s names . Accurate Crimecast’s John and Jamie join to go over the Cookbook Killer case, and clarify how Bar-Jonah managed to evade capture for years, and the final straw that led to his arrest. They breakdown his personality traits and mannerisms, identified and suspected crimes, and the circumstantial and challenging proof against him. If it’s that big of a issue do a search for a thing that skips Sponsorships in youtube videos.

You will hear stories about the making of Fozzy’s very first album, what inspired them to get started writing original material, how the set list has changed over the years, why the “Painless” video had to be shot twice, and what the “Judas Effect” has done for the band’s career and future. Danny Boy O’Connor from Residence of Discomfort returns to TIJ to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of one particular of his and Chris Jericho’s favorite movies, the cult classic, “The Warriors! ” Danny Boy also has actor Apache Ramos with him, who was one of the Orphans gang members in the film! Apache shares some great behind-the-scenes stories about what it was like to film all around New York City , blow up automobiles, and improv lines. Learn what inspired all the gang costumes and gimmicks (Baseball Furies, anyone?), why the Orphans only got t-shirts, and why the movie was protested and banned when it was initially released in theaters in 1979.

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Jungle Boy Jack Perry is one particular of the most up-to-date editions to the AEW roster, and is grateful that he got to share the thrilling news with his dad, actor Luke Perry (of “90210” and “Riverdale” fame), before Luke’s unexpected passing. Jack talks about his relationship with his father, dealing with the sudden loss, and how it was Luke who got Jack into wrestling in the 1st location. Jack also shares stories about his personal backyard wrestling experiences, obtaining started in the expert ring as an 11-year old, meeting Cody Rhodes, his adore of Rey Mysterio, and what UFC Champ Conor McGregor has to do with the Jungle Boy gimmick.

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