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Hearth Emblem Three Homes: 11 Hilarious Memes



As players anticipate the discharge of the brand new tactical RPG spinoff Hearth Emblem: Three Hopes on June 24, 2022, many are going again to play by means of its predecessor Hearth Emblem: Three Homes to get reacquainted with the world of Fodlan and its characters, led by Byleth, a instructor who recruits college students and goes on perilous missions in between classroom duties.

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Since its launch in 2019, the web has had a discipline day creating uproarious memes that poke enjoyable on the sport’s funniest components, be they the size it takes to finish the sport, Byleth’s altering hair colour, Edelgard’s nature, Dedue’s imperviousness, and rather more.


Marianne’s Plea

Mariane's sentimental meme from Fire Emblem Three Houses

One of the crucial hilarious refrains within the beloved tactical RPG is Marianne’s fixed want to inform the opposite characters how a lot they need to be seen, heard, and liked with out situation. Nonetheless, her arc revolves round having deep emotional ache and figuring out the despair of feeling unloved and will use the very same phrases of encouragement.

The meme comes from Saiykik through Twitter & Reddit, who titles the picture as “Marriane supplying you with her help.” The humor comes from the grand irony that it’s Marianne who wants unconditional love and uplifting help greater than anybody.

Dedue’s Toughness


One factor gamers usually level out within the widespread fashionable JRPG is how intense Dedue is in battle. In a hilarious appreciation meme from @fe_paint (through Amino), Dedue voices how frighteningly cruel he’s versus seven opponents, relatively than the opposite method round. True discuss, Dedue is a fully impenetrable beast.

It would not matter in any respect if an enemy is at 0x2 and even ox4, as Dedue will waylay each opponent with ease and with out sustaining a lick of injury. All hail the almighty Dedue!

Time Consumption

Fire Emblem Three House Witch Mountain meme

A relentless grievance amongst players is simply how a lot time it takes to play by means of the sport, with lone chapters seemingly taking weeks on finish to finish efficiently. As such, Gryphonstar5678 at Imgflip has articulated the frustration by flipping a type of hysterical Race to the Witch Mountain memes that includes Dwayne Johnson and AnnaSophia Robb.

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The humor right here comes from the need to hurry by means of the sport just like the characters race to Witch Mountain, but the repetitive playthrough may have gamers racing in circles, ultimately leaving them with the incredulous look of The Rock above.

Claude The Goofball

Fire Emblem Three Houses Ghidorah meme

Gryphonstar5678 is again at it with one other amusing meme that will get to the guts of the variations between Dimitri, Edelgard, and Claude, the three royal rulers in Fodlan. Utilizing the enduring Three-Headed King Ghidorah Dragon picture created by Michael J. Larson, the meme is hilariously on level.

It is true, Dimitri and Edelgard are usually not solely much more aggressive than Claude, however as seen by Edelgard’s expression, the extreme lack of belief of the foolish, lighthearted, and carefree teenager could be very straightforward to acknowledge by all ardent Hearth Emblem followers.

Tremendous Smash Bros. Crossover

Fire Emblem Smash Bros. meme

When Hearth Emblem protagonist Byleth was added to the Tremendous Smash Bros. as probably the greatest Swap RPG heroes in 2020, players had been apoplectic over the nonsensical crossover. Because of EdgarDelaRosa through Imgflip, a meme hints on the collective disappointment of what turned out to be something however a sensible joke by the sport’s creator Masahiro Sakurai.

Many variations on this meme have been created, however none higher get to the guts of the exaggerated tragic-comedy players felt by the merciless crossover.

Byleth & Dimitri’s Recruiting

Fire Emblem Recruiting Meme

Created by Hakuramen through Know Your Meme, a comic book cartoon quad pannel completely illustrates the stark distinction between Byleth and Dimitri’s recruiting scheme. On one hand, Byleth is overjoyed to see the category develop, unaware that the extra the character recruits, the more durable it is going to be to reverse time and undo the bloodshed.

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In the meantime, unhappy Dimitri is left crying alone by himself at school, making the deliberate choice to go away Edelgard behind and die alone relatively than recruit the assistance of others.

Byleth Loves Petra Extra Than Edelgard

Fire Emblem Petra meme

Because of Asty1738 through Imgur, a brilliantly noticed romantic dynamic is put in meme type, by which, a lot to the chagrin of Princess Edelgard, Byleth would a lot relatively spend time with the coed within the Black Eagles. Anybody who’s seen Byleth interacting with Petra is aware of how humorous the character’s infatuation is together with her.

It additionally would not matter if Byleth is chosen as a male or feminine character firstly as they continue to be smitten with Petra excess of their so-called real love in Edelgard. After all, Edelgard betrays Byleth a number of occasions, so Byleth’s emotions aren’t that unwarranted.

Edelgard Asks, “Why Do Individuals Hate Me?”

Fire Emblem Eric Andre Meme

Asty1738 nails one other hysterically correct meme that makes the earlier one even funnier. Edelgard is so righteous and indignant when Byleth favors Petra over her, but breaks the character’s coronary heart so usually within the sport that the hilarious hypocrite has no actual leg to face on in her disapproval.

Certainly, Asty1738 makes use of the enduring “who killed Hannibal” meme from The Eric Andre Present to make a wildly over-the-top commentary about Edelgard’s blatant ignorance as to why she’s so disliked by the opposite characters within the sport.

Here is Edy!

Fire Emblem Shining meme

Per Ikeimen through Know Your Meme, a extremely amusing recreation of The Shining‘s iconic “Here is Johnny!” scene has been reimagined as Edelgard looking Byleth like Jack did Wendy Torrance, arguably the true hero of the movie, within the doomed Overlook Resort.

Within the sport, Edelgard goes completely chaotic in her quest to rid her kingdom of Crests, gadgets that help warriors in battle. She turns into so engrossed in her obsession that she turns poor Byleth right into a Wendy Torrance who cowers within the nook as Jack swings his ax, an analogous weapon to Edelgard’s halberd and axehead.

Avoiding The Golden Deer

Fire Emblem Sponge Bob Meme

Hearth Emblem Three Homes is such a sprawling and time-consuming sport that many gamers play by means of to the top with out navigating the Golden Deer Kingdom. By way of Imgflip, Gryphonstar5678 provides one other humorous meme on the subject, calling to thoughts SpongeBob‘s iconic “Do not You Squidward” meme.

For such a well-received sport, it appears ludicrous that gamers can get to the top on a number of playthroughs with out a lot as sniffing the Golden Deer route, a lot much less exploring it from head to toe.

Byleth’s Fluctuating Hair Coloration

Fire Emblem Byleth hair meme

Does anybody marvel why Byleth’s hair colour turns from a cobalt blue to a pale white throughout the sport? Anuschka on Pinterest actually does, exhibiting a hilarious pictorial evolution of Byleth’s locks that go from blue to blonde to purple to mint?

It is a curious sport design that bears severe scrutiny, however the actual humor of the meme comes from considering that Byleth’s cohorts will solely be part of if and when the character returns to sporting white hair. Did Byleth run out of hair dye someplace in Fodlan? What provides?

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