Funny MemesPokémon Lover Reimagines Quagsire As Cursed Relations Man Quagmire

Pokémon Lover Reimagines Quagsire As Cursed Relations Man Quagmire


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A Pokémon admirer fused collectively the Pokémon Quagsire with Household Male character Quagmire, producing a meme that’s each equally cursed nonetheless pretty.

A hilarious Pokémon meme depicts a fusion of the Pokémon Quagsire with widespread animated sitcom – Relations Man – character Quagmire. With their two names sounding extraordinarily associated, that is considerably from the to start out with comparability of each of these individuals however truly taking a look at them each equally fused with one another is a amusing nonetheless surreal image.

The Wooper and Quagsire line was the preliminary line of Pokémon to have a Water- and Flooring-form mixture. This kind combination is uniquely highly effective due to to its resistance to 4 sorts and a flat-out immunity to Electrical-type harm, and having Grass-sorts appearing as its solely weak spot. On the draw back, it is usually 4 cases weak to grass. Different Pokémon these because the Mudkip line would go on to have the precise kind mix, however each equally Pokémon’s Wooper and Quagsire are nonetheless liked for a way lovely their faces are.


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On this meme nonetheless, Quagsire’s understated face has been changed with the pinnacle of the pervert from Family members Male, Quagmire. Twitter particular person Michael Curling (by way of acknowledges that he has dedicated a wonderful felony offense by producing this abomination, however “within the eyes of God, I’m amongst him.” The art work speaks for alone in how hilarious and jarring it’s taking a look at Quagmire’s cope with and head situation on the general physique of a Quagsire may presumably have been unavoidable in some strategies, nevertheless it doesn’t make it any significantly much less weird and amusing.

There have been a large number of different humorous Pokémon meme parodies designed by followers. 1 occasion is a parody of Invincible’s “Assume” meme, depicting Pikachu as Omni-Man and Ash Ketchum as Invincible. One other occasion of a popular meme parody is the notorious ‘That is Nice” meme, which is able to usually have a Pokémon exchange the pet sitting down within the midst of the fireplace. No make a distinction the format, there’ll consistently be a loads of amount of meme codecs followers will use to make Pokémon meme parodies.

The character Quagmire and the Pokémon Quagsire are intrinsically distinctive. An individual is a creature that resides in boggy swamps, whereas the opposite is a pervert that has giggity” as his catchphrase. Nonetheless as hilarious as this fusion could maybe be, it’s additionally a matter of class in how unnatural it appears. It’s a so much numerous interpretation of the easy wanting Pokémon and the impression of a Quagmire-on the lookout Quagsire bopping its head although saying Relations Man catchphrase “alright” is an amusing one. Presumably not the graphic that was required, however one which was positively deserved.

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Useful resource: Michael Curling/Twitter,

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