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Zendaya Got Beat Up


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Just after beating the woman with their hands, the individual starts employing their legs and starts kicking. A strong kick sends the Zendaya lookalike lady flying back ending up hitting her head against a wall. The video is seven seconds lengthy and has been trending on social media on this Sunday. Some social media customers also said that it is strange that netizens only care about Zendaya.

zendaya got beat up

Men and women would be inclined to think they’re seeing Zendaya, at the pretty least from the flashes of this girl’s face you may possibly see in the video. Yes, we’ll admit that it does seem to be Zendaya, in particular throughout her ‘Euphoria’ sequence. The video is indeed incredibly violent, and there seems to be no context whatsoever for when or where it took place, who was involved, or why. She hasn’t spoken up on this really however — but if it is not her, it could possibly be worth debunking … MEAWW is an initialism for Media Entertainment Arts WorldWide.

Viral Video Debunked: Did Zendaya Get Beat Up?

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Jennifer Lopez continually blesses her 208 million Instagram followers with a plethora of outfit footage and inspiration, and we’ll forever be in awe of her effortlessly gorgeous style. The radiant, shimmery appear is perfect for spring, and JLo took the opportunity to market her beauty brand even though posing for a beautiful set of mirror selfies. Nevertheless, Zendaya has not spoken out about the matter even via social media. Furthermore, the womаn in the video wаs photogrаphed weаring rаinbow crocs.

What folks do think they see here, even so, is an individual who seems to resemble Zendaya — at least from the fast glimpses of this girl’s face you can make out in the video. It does look a bit like the actress — particularly from her ‘Euphoria’ scenes. Provided the impact of historical trauma, racism, and oppression, typically Black girls will tell no a single about the abuse. From finding terrorised to falling victims of sexual abuse, black females are subjected to some sort of abuse. In truth, the video that has been noticed by many folks does not involve the actress at all.

zendaya got beat up

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This is just 1 example of what ladies from diverse backgrounds go by way of in the United States. Statistics show that for each black lady who reports rape, at least 15 black girls do not report. She hasn’t spoken up on this fairly yet — but if it is not her, it may be worth debunking … ’cause this thing is operating rampant. The bottom line is this … there’s no clear evidence this is, in reality, Zendaya — and however, Twitter’s got her trending ideal now due to the fact they assume it could be her. Zendaya or not even though — other people have pointed out that those who are mocking this are sending the incorrect message. What people today do think they see here, even so, is somebody who seems to resemble Zendaya — at least from the swift glimpses of this girl’s face you can make out in the video.

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“It’s not like a competitors exactly where people hate every other we are all in it with each other.” A 67-year-old woman from the Philippines in March 2022Untouched 125 occasions by Tamel Esco With no any provocation. Yonkers, 42, who lived in the very same apartment with the victim, was arrested for a hate crime against this Asian-American lady. Certainly, it’s extremely brutal — and there’s no context whatsoever, as far as we can see, that points to exactly where or when this occurred, who specifically was involved, or why.

zendaya got beat up

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“Y’all dislike Zendaya that substantially, y’all producing up tales about her receiving beat up? “Weirdos, weirdos, weirdos.” “Some girl who appears like Zendaya was obtaining beat up and people are pondering it is her,” stated an additional. The footage, that appeared to have been taken on somebody’s phone, was shared across Twitter more than the weekend, with quite a few fans wanting conformation as to no matter whether the individual involved was actually Zendaya. If you appear closely at the video, you will notice that the girl, who numerous think is Zendaya, is also wearing an ankle band that resembles an ankle bracelet. On the other hand, because the footage is grainy, it is challenging to prove this.

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A viral video of a young woman obtaining beaten up has led the world wide web to think it could possibly be Zendaya — but based on the visual evidence we’ve noticed … A video of a lady acquiring brutally assaulted has been going viral on the Web more than the weekend. The new clip surfaced on Sunday, Might 29, and created fairly a buzz as numerous believed the woman in the video was the Euphoria star, Zendaya. Over the weekend, a seven-second clip produced the rounds on social media, displaying a young woman finding brutally assaulted in what seems to be a store.

zendaya got beat up

The video of the viral fight is sparking concern for the girl, whoever she is. The video continues to show the face of the girl getting beaten up for a moment. Euphoria star Vera Farmiga has made headlines ever due to the fact she began creating appearances in massive-budget films and television shows. Also noted was the truth that the woman was wearing what appeared to be multi-colored Crocs.

Is It True That Zendaya Got Beaten Up?

Keep in mind this footage is concerning and it’s clear as to why it is freaking fans out. The clip started to make the rounds on Sunday, May 29. The uncomfortable footage shows someone going off on the poor woman inside of a shop. Then they kick her and knock her backward against the wall. A video of a lady being brutally assaulted more than the weekend is going viral on the internet.

zendaya got beat up

Even so, her representative entirely ruled out that it is Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman, complete name of the celebritie. As the video progresses, the face of the girl who was becoming beaten up seems for a short moment. Several individuals believe the girl is Zendaya since of her similarities to the star. Given that she started playing in huge-spending budget movies and television series, the Euphoria actress has been producing headlines. Zendaya has not spoken out about the comments surrounding the video, but TMZ reported the person crumpled on the ground was most likely a doppelgänger. The woman observed on the ground appears related to the actress Zendaya, leaving fans believing she was involved in the fight.

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The video displaying two girls fighting has created its rounds on social media, leaving Zendaya fans wondering if she was a single of the females pictured. What are your thoughts on the Zendaya fight video? If anything, the actress made headlines for escaping the former kid star trap. Ever since she appeared on Dancing with the Stars, she’s carved her personal path and set herself apart from her former Shake It Up co-star Bella Thorne. She’s ordinarily straight-lace and controversy-free. Just in case you care what Zendaya is up to, then this write-up could be a bit of a disturbing update.

The video also produced a lot of buzz since the woman looked a lot like Zendaya. As speculations spiraled, some users have been concerned about other folks laughing at the circumstance in general. According to TMZ, Zendaya’s representative confirmed the video is not her. Quite a few have guessed that it is Zendaya because of the resemblance in between her and the girl.

But looks like she has grabbed headlines for an undesirable cause now. Twitter customers had been too quick to notice that the woman had an uncanny resemblance to the Spiderman star. It brought on really a stir mainly because several began believing the victim in the video was actually Zendaya. Nevertheless, Twitter users went crazy, questioning if the woman was Zendaya and asking yourself how she was caught up in this fight. The girl just occurs to have a slight resemblance to the Spiderman actress.

The fight video has been trending considering the fact that May possibly 29, 2022, and little is known about where the fight took location, how it started, or who the women are. Per TMZ, the footage shows a woman who appears just like Zendaya engaged in a fight. She looks helpless as the person punches and kicks her.

She presently sports a shorter hairstyle, as you can see in recent pap photographs of her in Massachusetts. In fact, the actress is absent from the video, which has been viewed by a significant number of people today. Having said that, the girl has a slight resemblance to Spider Man an actress. If you appear at the video closely, you will notice that the girl, who folks think is Zendaya, also wears a strap on her ankle that appears a lot like an ankle bracelet.

She has been creating waves in the music market soon after composing some of Euphoria”s songs. Once more, there’s no telling when this might’ve been from — or if it is even Zendaya at all, frankly — but FWIW, Z isn’t rocking this length of hair at the moment … She’s got a substantially shorter ‘do ideal now, as you can see in recent pap shots of her out and about in Massachusetts.

zendaya got beat up

TMZ later updated the write-up to report that a spokesperson for Zendaya had confirmed that the lady in the video was not the star. “The truth people are only bothered about this poor lady appears like Zendaya and NOT that she’s receiving beaten and recorded IS specifically what is incorrect with the planet currently,” a single commenter wrote. However, a lot of other folks had been extra concerned about the seemingly celebratory shouts that can be heard in the video as the woman was beaten and some of the comments posted about it.

  • The duo, who share two sons, also faced split rumors out of Spain back in 2017.
  • Paige O’Brien, the wife of How I Met Your Father star, not too long ago announced the fascinating news on the social media platform Instagram.
  • Euphoria star Vera Farmiga has produced headlines ever considering the fact that she started generating appearances in major-price range films and tv shows.
  • “He can get away with it since he’s so funny,” Zendaya said of Jones, ahead of admitting that she by no means fell victim to his banter.
  • Zendaya is at the moment filming “Challengers,” according to her IMDb web page.

It turns out the actor’s rep has now come out to dispel the rumor. Study on to find out every little thing you really should know about it. Zendaya has swiftly become a single of the major names in Hollywood. Just after beating MJ in the Spider-Man trilogy, the actress is on a dominance tour as she owns the Oscar-winning Dune and the hugely preferred and hit show Euphoria. Even though her professional prime is covered extensively by all media homes, her private life is also usually in the spotlight. But it looks like she’s now created headlines for an unwelcome purpose.

Viral video footage purporting to show Zendaya getting brutally beaten sparked a debate on Twitter more than the weekend. The actress has been living her finest life even though also getting active on social media to give fans a glimpse of her busy life. Recently, Zendaya was also named Time’s 100 Most Influential People. As the video continues, the video takes place to show the face of the girl who was becoming beaten up for a split second. There is also a screenshot of the very same going about.

In the video, the lookalike lady was observed becoming punched and kicked before finding her head smashed into a wall. A video of a woman who looks a lot like Zendaya getting assaulted by one more woman is currently circulating on Twitter. From the flashes of the girl’s face, it appears like it truly is Zendaya in the video who is taking hits.

She hasn’t spoken about it yet, but if she isn’t the culprit, it’ll be worth debunking… ’cause this rumour is spreading rapid. She’s wearing bright-colored Crocs in this video, whereas her shoe put on is fairly distinctive. Zendaya wears sneakers in the film and has openly declared that she’ll pick between tennis footwear or heels, not combining them. Zendaya hasn’t been spotted in Crocs on any of the pictures we’ve looked by means of. In fact, the video that a lot of people have noticed does not incorporate the actress at all.

zendaya got beat up

Lately, Zendaya was also named one of Time”s one hundred Most Influential Folks. The girl, who individuals claim to be Zendaya, is also wearing a bracelet-like band on her ankle in the blurry video. On the other hand, it is challenging to confirm this due to the blurry nature of the video. The actress has been tagged on social media considering that the video surfaced, and other individuals have commented on the video.

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